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Vectrix in the news

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091344.2.jpgThe Auto Channel, an automotive news website billed as “the largest independent automovite information resource”, has a very short post about the Vectrix and an exclusive video.

But the reality is that most gasoline-powered full-sized over-the-road two-wheelers only get about 40 or 50 miles per gallon, which isn’t even twice the MPG of the average passenger car. There is an alternative; the 100% electric Vectrix high performance scooter. It’s all the fun of a conventional bike, highway legal and you’ll never have to buy one drop of gasoline to power it.

The Auto Channel

Enertia Electric Motorcycle

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enertia-electric-motorcycle-11_th.jpgThis 280 pound $12,000 electric motorcycle will take you 45 miles on a charge and has a max speed of over 50 mph. The company claim it will be available before the end of 2008.

A special Carbon Limited addition will be hand-built and serialized and will feature an aluminum chassis, carbon fiber body panels and fenders, plus a leather seat for $14,995. According to the Enertia web site, the Limited addition will be available six months before the standard model. It’s late June as I type this so it should be ready now.

Enertia Bike

The Fuel-Cell Powered Crosscage Motorcycle

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suzuki-crosscage-hybrid-motorcycle_1_th.jpgSuzuki claim that they will put their hydrogen powered concept Crosscage concept motorcycle into production. The Crosscage was debuted late last year at the Tokyo Motor Show. The bike was developed with British Intelligent Energy (the people who brought us the less pretty ENV fuel cell motorcycle) and is powered by lightweight air-cooled fuel-cell system and a high-performance secondary battery.

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Justin Gray’s Electric Motorcycles

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ridingclean_mainart_th.jpgI love the bi-line on this Popular Science article – Powered by environmentally conscious energy sources, these DIY vehicles put traditional gas guzzlers to shame.

In just 10 days and ten-thousand dollars, Just built a 420 pound, 100 hp bike with a claimed top speed of 150 mph. It uses a Curtis 1231 and forty-eight lithium-iron-phosphate batteries.

Head on over to Pop Sci for more details and pictures.

Temporary Site Back On-line

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Back in May there was a little problem with the site software and rather than fiddle with the hacked and patched code that is Xoops, I decided to switch to Drupal…

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