Electric Motorcycles Primer

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By Jeff Cobb, Photography by TK

Electric motorcycles are part of the whole initiative to bring all sorts of electric vehicles into the mainstream. This article discusses some of the bigger issues, while focusing on a few American companies that are leading the way. Look for more coverage to come as we continue to get further plugged in…

Native, Brammo and Zero are three U.S. electric motorcycle manufacturers that within the past three years have begun offering road-legal models for under $10,000, a price considered attainable by average consumers.

Alongside their move into a world long dominated by gasoline power, questions persist: Will they merely carve a small niche and go no further? Will they have what it takes to earn increasing respect? Could there even come a day when they take preeminence over traditional motorcycles?

According to a study publicized mid-February by Boulder Colo.-based Pike Research, 466 million new electric-powered two wheelers will be sold between now and 2016.

Source: motorcycle.com

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